9 February 2019  ➲  programme t.b.a.  @ Noorderkerk Concerten, Amsterdam

4 November 2018  ➲  Koerikoeloem  @ November Music, Den Bosch

23 September 2018  ➲  Koerikoeloem  @ Musica Sacra, Maastricht

9 September 2018  ➲  Koerikoeloem  @ Gaudeamus Festival, Utrecht

6 September 2018  ➲  Release concert of CD 'Constellations'  @ Splendor, Amsterdam

22 June 2018  ➲  Koerikoeloem  @ Festival Sunsation

2 June 2018  ➲  Koerikoeloem  @ Oranjewoud Festival

27 May 2018  ➲  Koerikoeloem  @ Festival Terug Naar het Begin

2 February 2018  ➲  Close Call  @ Schoolvoorstelling, Amersfoort

30 January 2018  ➲  Close Call  @ Posttheater, Arnhem

10 December 2017  ➲  Koerikoeloem  @ Gaudeamus Sessies, Utrecht

21 November 2017  ➲  Close Call  @ Zaantheater, Zaandam

12 November 2017  ➲  Close Call  @ November Music, Den Bosch

7 October 2017  ➲  Fifth Birthday Celebration Concert!  @ EAR Studios, Amsterdam

5 October 2017  ➲  I Wish, I Wish programme  @ Splendor, Amsterdam

12 September 2017  ➲  Close Call  @ Boxmeer Centrum

10 September 2017  ➲  Close Call premiere  @ Gaudeamus Festival, TivoliVredenburg

9 September 2017  ➲  aXolot and s t a r g a z e orchestra  @ Gaudeamus festival, TivoliVredenburg

7 September 2017  ➲  Close Call  @ Centrale Gymnasium, Utrecht

9 April 2017  ➲  HOE DE GROTE MENSEN WEGGINGEN  @ Stadsschouwburg, Utrecht

20 November 2016  ➲  HOE DE GROTE MENSEN WEGGINGEN  @ Schouwburg Arnhem

18 November 2016  ➲  HOE DE GROTE MENSEN WEGGINGEN  @ De Meervaart, Amsterdam

14 November 2016  ➲  Free impro set   @ Pintotonics n+1, Huis de Pinto

11 November 2016  ➲  HOE DE GROTE MENSEN WEGGINGEN  @ Theater Het paleis, Antwerpen, BE

10 November 2016  ➲  HOE DE GROTE MENSEN WEGGINGEN  @ Theater Het Paleis, Antwerpen, BE

5 November 2016  ➲  HOE DE GROTE MENSEN WEGGINGEN  @ Odeon, Zwolle

29 October 2016  ➲  HOE DE GROTE MENSEN WEGGINGEN  @ Theater de Veste, Delft

23 October 2016  ➲  HOE DE GROTE MENSEN WEGGINGEN  Stadsschouwburg, Amsterdam

20 October 2016  ➲  HOE DE GROTE MENSEN WEGGINGEN  @ Koninklijke Schouwburg, Den Haag

19 October 2016  ➲  HOE DE GROTE MENSEN WEGGINGEN  @ De Harmonie, Leeuwaarden

16 October 2016  ➲  HOE DE GROTE MENSEN WEGGINGEN  @ Stadsschouwburg, Groningen

9 October 2016  ➲  HOE DE GROTE MENSEN WEGGINGEN  @ Parktheater, Eindhoven

7 October 2016  ➲  HOE DE GROTE MENSEN WEGGINGEN  @ Chasse Theater, Breda

30 September 2016  ➲  HOE DE GROTE MENSEN WEGGINGEN  @ 30CC, Leuven, BE

29 September 2016  ➲  HOE DE GROTE MENSEN WEGGINGEN  30CC, Leuven, BE

25 September 2016  ➲  HOE DE GROTE MENSEN WEGGINGEN  @ Theaters Tilburg

4 September 2016  ➲  I Wish, I Wish   @ Platshirschfestival, Duisburg, DE

3 September 2016  ➲  I Wish, I Wish  @  Platzhirschfestival, Duisburg, DE

14 August 2016  ➲  HOE DE GROTE MENSEN WEGGINGEN  @ Theaters Tilburg

13 August 2016  ➲  HOE DE GROTE MENSEN WEGGINGEN   @ Theaters Tilburg

12 August 2016  ➲  HOE DE GROTE MENSEN WEGGINGEN  @ Theaters Tilburg

11 August 2016  ➲  HOE DE GROTE MENSEN WEGGINGEN  @ Theaters Tilburg

4 August 2016  ➲  HOE DE GROTE MENSEN WEGGINGEN   @ Theater aan Zee, Oostende

3 August 2016  ➲  HOE DE GROTE MENSEN WEGGINGEN   @ Theater aan Zee, Oostende

31 May 2016  ➲  Master end exam of Dodo Kis   @ Conservatorium van Amsterdam

19 May 2016  ➲  I Wish, I Wish  @ Plein van Siena, Amsterdam

14 April 2016  ➲  aXolot Cocoon    @ ACTA Broedplaats, Amsterdam

18 March 2016  ➲  I Wish, I Wish  @ Oosterkerk, Amsterdam

17 March 2016  ➲  KARAOKEJAM   @ De Pletterij, Haarlem

8 January 2016  ➲  I Wish, I Wish   @ St Johannes Kirche, Duisburg, DE

23 November 2015  ➲  Collaboration with Marjolijn Zwakman   @ Museum De Hallen, Haarlem

15 November 2015  ➲  Crowdfunding   for our new Renaissance consort - please support us!

12 November 2015  ➲  Performance of Nathaniel Giles  @ Sweelinckzaal, Amsterdam

8 October 2015  ➲  I Wish, I Wish   @ Sweelinckzaal, Amsterdam

4 October 2015  ➲  I Wish, I Wish  @ Les Gouts Reunis, Amstelkerk

2 October 2015  ➲  I Wish, I Wish   @ Hebammenpraxis, Munster, DE

1 October 2015  ➲  I Wish, I Wish   @ Stadthaus, Munster, DE

26 June 2015  ➲  Music of Bartok, Grimes  @ aXolot Studio Open Night

28 May 2015  ➲  Music of Bartok  @ Master exam of Dodo Kis

16 May 2015  ➲  Music of Ciconia, Leenhouts, trad. English  @ ORDA ensemble competition

15 May 2015  ➲  Music of Ciconia, Bartok, Kaser  @ ORDA ensemble competition

26 March 2015  ➲  VERSUS: Live BioMech Fest!   @ Butchers Tears, Amsterdam

29 January 2015  ➲  aXolot VERSUS  @ STEIM Amsterdam

6 January 2015  ➲  Space Odyssey  @ Oosterkerk, Amsterdam

11 December 2014  ➲  Im Quadrat  @ Conservatorium van Amsterdam

2 November 2014  ➲  Im Quadrat  @ Cactus Theater, Munster, DE

1 November 2014  ➲  Im Quadrat  @ Cactus Theater, Munster, DE

30 October 2014  ➲  Space Odyssey  @ Konigsweg Praxis, Mnster, DE

28 October 2014  ➲  Space Odyssey  @ St. Josephs Kirche, Duisburg, DE

26 October 2014  ➲  Im Quadrat  @ Cactus Theater, Munster, DE

25 October 2014  ➲  Im Quadrat  @ Cactus Theater, Munster, DE

1 October 2014  ➲  Space Odyssey  @ Cactus Junges Theater, Munster DE

21 June 2014  ➲  Le Ray au Soleyl  @ Soledad Senlle Art Foundation

12 June 2014  ➲  Music of Johannes Ciconia  @ Amstelkerk, Amsterdam

30 May 2014  ➲  Syronia  @ final exam of Dodo Kis, Amsterdam. World premiere

25 February 2014  ➲  Space Odyssey  @ miXtup Live #5 Amsterdam

25 January 2014  ➲  Music of Johannes Ciconia  @ Bernard Haitinkzaal, Amsterdam

20 December 2013  ➲  aXolot  @Muziekgebouw aan't IJ

7 September 2013  ➲  Space Odyssey  @ Mediamatic Fabriek, Amsterdam

20 August 2013  ➲  Space Odyssey  @ Grachtenfestival Amsterdam

19 August 2013  ➲  Space Odyssey  @ Earbytes, Radio 4 NL

8 May 2013  ➲  Space Odyssey  @ De Weerzin, Vondelbunker Amsterdam

18 April 2013  ➲  Space Odyssey  @ VIRUS Radio, Stadsschouwburg Rotterdam

28 February 2013  ➲  Space Odyssey  @ aXolot Aquarium, Dokhuis Amsterdam

14 February 2013  ➲  Space Odyssey  @ Plein van Siena, Amsterdam

28 January 2013  ➲  Music of Boismortier  @ Descartes-Huygens Prijsuitreiking (private function)

1 December 2012  ➲  Music of Johannes Mattheson  @ Veenproef XL, Leiden

31 October 2012  ➲  The Dark Side of Venus  @ 'Ongehoord', Bethanienklooster, Amsterdam

3 October 2012  ➲  The Dark Side of Venus  @ 'Tritone: New ways of jazz', Zaal 100, Amsterdam

14 June 2012  ➲  'Tree' by Aliona Yurtsevich  @ Gaudeamus Composer's Portrait, Utrecht

13 June 2012  ➲  We Are Golden  @Wilminktheater, Enschede

3 June 2012  ➲  We Are Golden  @Toneelacademie, Maastricht

2 June 2012  ➲  We Are Golden  @De Gouverneur, Operadagen Rotterdam

24 May 2012  ➲  We Are Golden  @Theater de Machinefabriek, Groningen

22 May 2012  ➲  We are Golden  @Theater Kikker, Utrecht Festival a/d Werf

19 May 2012  ➲  We are Golden  @Theater Frascati, Amsterdam

4 May 2012  ➲  We are Golden  @Theater aan het Spui, Den Haag

3 May 2012  ➲  We are Golden  @Theater aan het Spui, Den Haag

2 May 2012  ➲  We are Golden  @Theater aan het Spui, Den Haag

15 April 2012  ➲  The Dark Side of Venus  @ Overtoom 301, Amsterdam

10 April 2012  ➲  The Dark Side of Venus  @ Karnatic lab, de Badcuyp, Amsterdam

  • Close Call (12+)

    In seasons 17/18/19, aXolot are guest musicians in the production for smartphones, 'Close Call'. Composed by Arthur Wagenaar and produced by Stichting Goed Bezig, this interactive show examines our relationships with our smartphones, where the audience participates in the performance through the Close Call app. Touring in theatres and school.s

  • Hoe de grote mensen weggingen en wat er daarna gebeurde (8+)

    In the season 2016/17 aXolot was part of a youth theatre production in collaboration with Het Zuidelijk Toneel and Theater Artemis. A very special show, with music by medieval composer Ockeghem, live chickens running around on stage, and where the children in the audience were called upon to act in the second half of the play... 'Hoe de Grote Mensen' was voted the number 2 in 'Top Productions of the Year' by the TheaterKrant, and toured throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.

  • I Wish, I Wish

    Inspired by the homelands of the aXolot trio, 'I Wish, I Wish' visits England, Germany and Hungary to combine breathtaking classical music with innovative folk songs.

    Bach meets Marlene Dietrich, Bartok breaks into an energetic Hungarian dance, the English Renaissance gives way to heart-rending folk songs. The new compositon 'Offshore' by German composer Thorsten Topp also lends a sea-scape to the programme.

    Mixing recorder playing, vocals and percussion, 'I Wish' is a varied journey from hallowed tradition to innovative exploration! This programma is partly performed on aXolot's new, custom-built Renaissance recorder consort, built by Peter van der Poel.

  • Im Quadrat

    Commisioned by Cactus Theater Münster, 'Im Quadrat' is a multi-media performance based upon the themes of 'limitation and concentration', confined within a 3x3 metre square. This was premiered to critical acclaim in October 2014, in Münster, Germany.

    Trio aXolot approached this concert through intensive work with director Cammy Mai Tran, adressing personal limitations, interpreted through movement, voice and a single recorder. Mirroring the performers' inner landscapes were driving and haunting electronic soundtrack created by Musfik Can Muftuoglu, and the interactive use of a ground-breaking 'Naivi' light panel.

    Concept: aXolot Synergy
    Performance: Kim-José Bode, Sarah Jeffery, Dodó Kis
    Direction: Cammy Mai Tran
    Lighting: Naivi LED light panel
    Composition: Musfik Can Muftuoglu
    Tech: Felipe Ignacio Noriega and Kevin Quaid

  • Le Ray au Soleyl

    Mind-bending canons, melodies interweaving yet existing on separate planes. Le Ray au Soleyl is a live installation combining space and light with futuristic medieval music that is centuries ahead of its time. Both arranged and performed by acclaimed recorder trio aXolot.

    Johannes Ciconia was a true minimalist composer of the fourteenth century. His compositions employ rhythmic games and proportional tricks: layering the same melody in differing speeds to create shifting, tumbling blankets of sound. Our concept is to approach this ancient minimalism at a meta-level, looping the short composition over the duration of one hour. One hypnotically simple line expands to open a new consciousness for the listener.

    The audience is invited to delve into this newly created space, to move around, interact and depart, or to fully immerse and lose themselves in the sound.

  • aXolot: VERSUS

    aXolot: VERSUS is an intensive collaboration with three very different electronics artists. The three members of aXolot each collaborate separately with one of our electronics team, in genres from techno to metal to live-coded music-theatre. Now it’s time for all six musicians to come together and create something as a whole!

    Felipe Ignacio Noriega, Rutger Muller and Müşfik Can Müftüoğlu bring together diverse expertise from their fields of composition, music technology, production and improvisation. Amongst them, they can offer experience in SuperCollider, Ableton, MAX/MSP, Leap Motion, live coding and building cracked technologies – learning from each other as well as bringing a personal input. As a catalyst, the three aXolot members bring their expertise on acoustic recorders, as well as electronic EWIs, percussive dance, vocals and performance.

    Premiered January 2015, the VERSUS theme will continue throughout the year, in the form of a series of collaborative events curated by Stichting aXolot Synergy.

    Recorders and EWIs: trio aXolot
    Live electronics: Felipe Ignacio Noriega, Rutger Muller and Müşfik Can Müftüoğlu
    This project was hosted and supported by STEIM Amsterdam.

  • Syronia

    S Y R O N I A
    Composed by Steel Stylianou

    Text by the composer:
    The performance takes place in "The Secret Cave" the three player/performers represent "Three Wise Women" such as the Nordic Norns or their Greek three Fates equivalent, these weave and know the progress and outcomes of the lives of all who live… as the present threads of life pass through the circumstances of necessity 'woven' from the individual´s past thoughts and actions…

    The performers move (weave) to various positions across the stage, every player occupies each of the nine- sectioned stage/space-position alone, and only once, as the musical sections progress and develop, this depicts the evolutional weavings through time of fate, the tragedy in this case, – beginning when protesters in Syria were shot at –, the "wise women" as 'seers' see clearly (and know) the developments and outcome of this.

    The phonetically treated text underlies the work and is intermittently presented throughout the piece, which as a whole signifies the initial hopes, setbacks, determination, change, crisis, outcome and perhaps a hinted solution(?)…Witnessing the many wars, conflicts, quarrels and discontent that seem to be ever a constant factor in human social interaction, one considers wether there might or even be a philosophy or religion, based on the underlying identical truths of all religions and philosophies, that can re/solve all the conflicts in the minds and hearts of humanity… to discover that the answer was always known and was ever within each individual…?

    Youtube link:


    S Y R O N I A

    Through the vale of tears

    Depth ever deepening,
    Darkness darkening still
    Folly for wisdom
    Guilt for innocence
    Anguish for rapture
    And for hope despair

    Courage will come
    Wrath of courage
    it is
    Courage and Wrath
    it is it
    Wrathful courage

    Time matures

    The strong
    Go forth
    . . .

    Bleak Black Poison Pride

    Bowed heads forward droop
    Clutching hands grasp outstretched


    Civilized ethic of Artful vice
    Civilized science viciousness refined
    Civilized devices, vicious divisive deceivers
    Civilized virus drooping minds
    Unnatural abnormal
    Turned away from the Ray

    Within All
    Courage will come
    To Be with US
    One Ray
    . . .

    Now time matures
    Not the Battle of Time
    But the Time of Battle
    The unsought fight
    Only One escapes destruction

    Strong in Spirit
    Go forth Exultant
    The Final Moment revealing TRUTH
    Had they but known
    Now knowing
    Had they but known
    Ever knowing
    Nothing so hidden
    That remains unveiled

    Foaming World
    Flaming Billows blow
    Clear Light In shining brightness
    Active passion shaken moves
    Dulled static dark

    As in ancient times
    They knew us then
    The means
    The method
    The weapon
    The shield.


  • Space Odyssey

    Space Odyssey is a full concert programme, combining works from the 13-15th century with new compositions created in collaboration with composers and their own arrangements, with a myriad of recorders, EWIs, voices and live electronics.

    Johannes Ciconia’s otherworldly canon Le Ray au Soleyl is as sunlight upon the organic burblings of Yurtsevich’s TREE, creating a forest-floor for the rest of the programme. The exuberance of works by Willem Wander van Nieuwkerk and Michiel Mensingh explode like asteroids, against the backdrop of the deceptive complexity of Woodson and Giles. These Renaissance masters are exceptional in their spiralling, weaving rhythms – combining subdivisions in a way that is still extremely modern, 500 years later. aXolot present their unique re-imagining of Meshell Ndegeocello’s tranquil Aquarium, before closing the programme with title track Space Odyssey – an exhilarating mash-up of composed dubstep, electronics and time-travel.

    By working closely with renowned contemporary composers such as Michiel Mensingh and Aliona Yurtsevich, and by unearthing music from the past that is renowned for its absurd innovativeness, aXolot create a journey to a new landscape, an evolved planet.

  • We are Golden

    The spring of 2012 has seen aXolot join TIME music-theater company, with the production 'WE ARE GOLDEN'. The trio have relished the chance to not only play the recorder, but to sing, act, dance and repeatedly paint themselves gold.

    Based on the myth of King Midas, the play was developed by the actors and musicians themselves, comprising music as diverse as Berio, Mattheson, and David Bowie. The production toured around theatres the Netherlands between May and July 2012.

    Performers: Kim-José Bode, Pauline ten Böhmer, Rian Evers, Milena Haverkamp, Tijs Huys, Sarah Jeffery, Dodó Kis, Peerke Malschaert, Lindertje Mans, Joost Steltenpool, Marjolijn Zwakman

    Changing Coaches: Jos van den Broek, Kea Fogelberg, Marcel ten Hooven, Will Moerer, Laetitia Smit, Jeroen Vervliet
    Director: Peerke Malschaert, Paul Koek
    Dramaturgy: Rian Evers, Paul Slangen
    Visual art: Marjolijn Zwakman
    Production: Anne Baltus